Zenfolio | Michael Silverman | Earth Day 2009
PCDS's Earth Day celebration for 2009 turned out quite well. We had a great turnout and little bit of cloud cover so that it wasn't hot. We were covered by 12 News on the early show and the local newspapers in the days after the event. A big thank you to all of the exhibitors that took the time to come to our Earth Day event. Also, thank you to the entire Green Team who made this happen. And also to maintenance, who were incredibly helpful as well.

We were honored to host exhibitors from the Sierra Club, Roots and Shoots, Corgan Geothermal, American Solar Electric, SRP, Project Wet, AdRover, Bike Barn, Westech Recycling, and GreenBuild. We also had a composting booth, an e-waste collection, an electric car, snow cones, and a dunk tank to spice things up a little bit. These are all in the video here http://vimeo.com/4472871.

For even more information, please visit my website, michaelwsilverman.com/blog/tag/earth-day.
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