Zenfolio | Michael Silverman | Pollution In China
This was by far the worst part of my experience in China. The pollution is the worst in the world in every city I have been to in the world. If you think L.A. is bad, check these photos out. These are not edited in any way. The pollution is so bad that visibility is reduced to sometimes as little as a couple of blocks. The first day that we got to China and started walking around, we could feel the pollution. We started coughing and sometimes we had scratchy throats by the end of the day. These pictures are in Beijing. The pollution is so bad that in China, they count how many blue sky days they have. Unlike here where we count how many pollution or low air quality days we have. The worst part of it is, a third of California's air pollution floats over the ocean from China, so do not believe for one second that what happens in China does not affect everyone, including us.